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11th July 2018 2nd surplus equipment sale
Tonight will be the 2nd surplus equipment sale for the club. 

A list of equipment for sale is below. This sale will be conducted as an auction

Doors will open at 7pm
Where prices are shown these are guide prices, it could sell for more or less depending on the interest from bidders.
PADARC offers no warranty or refunds on items. These are sold “as seen”
Members intending to bid should collect a numbered paddle prior to the start of the auction and clearly display the number when bidding. Members should satisfy that they have sufficient knowledge regarding Electrical Safety on all items of equipment sold.
Items which are displayed in “orange crates” do not include the crate. Items will be transferred to a Carrier Bag. Items in Round plastic containers can be sold including the container.

1. Yaesu FT225RD 2Metre Multimode Transceiver. In full working order. Very rare item as this one comes fitted with the memory       module. For more info see  £200
2. DRAE Morse Tutor  £50
3. 6 element Quad Aerial for 2M £40
4. Channel Master Rotator & Control Box £10
5. Yaesu FRG 7000 Communications Receiver £80
6. Yaesu FRT 7000 RX ATU (For Above) £35
7. Realistic DX300 Communication Receiver £60
8. Bremi CB Power Amplifier £5
9. Skip Master SK-40 SWR Meter £3
10. Heathkit HM2102 SWR Meter £20
11. Newtone SWR Meter £3
12. Newtone DC PSU 13.8V 5A £5
13. High-Mound Morse Key HK706 £35
14. Morse Key 8A MKII £10
15. Headphone Tandy 40 £10
16. Alloy Metal Pole 5ft £3
17. Alloy Metal Pole 6ft £3
18. Nikkai DC to AC Inverter (New) 600W Continuous £40
19. Sirio Mobile Antenna SG700 2m/70cm (PL259) + Boot/Hatch Mount £5
20. Maplin Continuity Tester (Low Current) Working & Boxed £3
21. Mini Tool Kit in grey plastic box (Craft Knife Missing) £2
22. Voltage Controlled Audio Oscillator (working) Nice Case £3
23. Commodore Calculator SR4148R (Needs Charger) £1
24. Cream/Blue Audio Amplifier & Speaker (Home Brew) Nice Case £3
25. Crypton Dynamo Tester (60A) in leather Case £15
26. Analogue Multimeter Peak M650P + Probes + Case Working 50K/Volt £2
27. Avo Minor Analogue Multimeter No Probes No Battery Not Tested £2
28. Analogue Multimeter TCC C1016+ Probes Working 20K/Volt (needs B154 Battery for High Ohms range) £3
29. BBC Computer Tape Cassette Enhancer (Needs PP3) not tested £1
30. Gold Voltfinder/Flash light Working Non-Contact Type £2
31. Eprom Eraser (UV Light) Working £3
32. BBC Computer Scope Adaptor (Not Tested) £1
33. Myco Digital Scales 0-350 Gram (drug dealer’s special, Jewellery Scale) £5 
34. Texas Calculator TI-85 with Graphic Screen (working) See Below £5
35. Ultrasonic Tape Measure 2-30 ft (or metric) Plasplug £4
36. BBC Computer DAC (not tested) £1
37. Sunrise Pocket Microscope with illumination X30 £8
38. Digital Multimeter (Battery Powered 4xC) Micronta 22-195 Working with probes £15
39. Logic Probe by Chung 615 (Not tested) £1
40. MFJ Morse Reader 461 working  £5
41. Racal-Dana 1992 Counter Timer good for 1300 MHz Keep for Club or offers over £150
42. Farnell Lab Bench PSU (Twin) 0-30V x2 @ 2A x2 3502 £35
43. Solartron/Shlumberger DMM 5150 £25
44. TTI TG120 20Mhz Function Generator £25
45. TTI TSA1000 1GHz (BW250K) spectrum analyser adaptor (Requires scope) £20
46. Phillips Oscilloscope PM 3207 CRT Dual Channel Scope £100
47. B&O mV/V meter RV11 DC/AC/Ohms £15
48. Marconi Signal Generator 2019A 80K to 1.04GHz Keep for Club or offers over £300
49. Signal Generator 100K to 100Mhz not tested due to age. Mains lead needs replacing. Made by Homelab Type 10 £10
50. Home Brew PSU LCD display Not Tested as Smoothing capacitor is not restrained. £2
51. Farnell Frame PSU Model N300R113/U +5, +12, +24 Volts.  Not             tested needs mains lead and plug £1
52. Home Brew HT PSU 300V HT and LT Not tested £5
53. Stereo Audio Dummy load. 8ohn or 8ohm +C £1
54. Heathkit FM Stereo Generator. IG37 £10
55. Home brew Audio Signal Generator £2
56. Pulse Generator in Military Style Box £2
57. Home brew Rollercoaster and Variable C. £40
58. Box of plug-top chargers £5
      8V 1A AC Sino American X3
      20V 1A AC LZR X2
      13.5V 1A DC YBS
      7.5V 200mA DC SA35
      3V 500mA DC Sony
      6V 300mA DC Acorn
      8.2V 150mA DC Philips
      12V 800mA DC Dlink
      15V 3A DC Toshiba
      6V 259mA DC Sinclair
      18V 500mA AC US Robotics
      5V 1A DC Kings
      9V 800mA DC SA48
59. Box of Mains Cables, Plugs & Sockets £3
60. Tubs Containing ……Pot Luck From £2



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